Inktober Illustrations on Sale for Pre-order!

Inktober Illustrations on Sale for Pre-order!

With October long gone and The Holidays just underway, why not take the time between now and the end of eternity to pre-order one of my Inktober Illustrations? Each piece is delicately hand drawn with Ink on a 4x5 torn piece of Somerset Satin,  hand dyed in my own special blend of tea, varnished and mounted on a thick slab of…
UNSUNG exhibit times. Prints on sale!

UNSUNG exhibit times. Prints on sale!

Unsung: a Hodgepodge of Broken Dreams is currently on display for the public eye. "It is passing strange that the first solo show I should be in is also a retrospective of sorts. My work as an illustrator has often intersected between the lines of fine art and commercial intent. Illustration is the process of transcribing ideas, verbal and written descriptions…
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UNSUNG solo exhibit to be shown in August!

I'm pleased to announce the schedule for my first solo show: Unsung, A Hodgepodge of Broken Dreams, will be open to the public from August 2, 2016 to August 31st, 2016! Unsung is a retrospective compilation of fantasy art I've created in collaboration with various writers, commissioneers, and companies over the past five years, that unfortunately never saw the light…
Promises to Keep Published

Promises to Keep Published

Author Barbara Bishop has published Her new book: Promises to Keep, A story of Nova Scotia, in her hometown of Paradise, Annapolis Valley! This brilliantly written narrative foretells the lives and struggles of the Leonard and Bishop line, dating back generations from their settlement of Nova Scotia. "To step into this book is to see how our common humanity is changeless…
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Pre-Shrunk 2016 is Here! Works on sale!

The Annual Pre-Shrunk group show at Argyle Fine Art has officially opened! 315 works by various local artists are on display, all set to the singular theme of being 4"x 5", the rest is up to the artist, leaving the show as a mosaic of creativity. 5 of these pieces were done by me, handcrafted with delicate penmanship, and will…
Dungeon World Wrath of The Wild book Published

Dungeon World Wrath of The Wild book Published

Pleb publishing and Drive thru RPG has finally released the Wrath of The Wild Dungeon World Playbook featuring cover art by me! "Wrath of the Wild features classes that comprise the creatures who live and thrive off of the land and protect it from those who would defile it. You can now have an entire party comprised of such heroes…
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“Fungal Hymn” moving to Elle’s Bistro. Now on Sale!

I'm pleased to announce that Fungal Hymn, my contribution to The Broken Deck Project Art Exhibition will now be migrating to Elle's Bistro for your viewing pleasure. Elle's Bistro can be located on 1678 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The piece in question, Fungal Hymn, is also now on sale, for those that are not aware, with a price of $195! Made using…
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Broken Deck Project Art Exhibition

Good news everyone! I actually have news to share! ...Which means I can finally update this section of the website! October 3rd of this year, I will be showcasing my contribution to The Broken Deck Project Art Exhibit at the Just Us! Cafe on 5896 Spring Garden road! The Broken Deck Project is a group show supported by PRO skateboards…

The website has been completed!

Hello everyone and welcome to, my personal portfolio site! To those who need introducing, my name is Wesley Fraser. I'm an artist and illustrator, born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1990. Ever since I was a wee lad I've had a singular and powerful admiration for the visual arts, be it fine or commercial. Cartoonist, editorial artist, caricaturist, concept…
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