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Broken Deck Project Art Exhibition

Good news everyone! I actually have news to share! …Which means I can finally update this section of the website!

October 3rd of this year, I will be showcasing my contribution to The Broken Deck Project Art Exhibit at the Just Us! Cafe on 5896 Spring Garden road!

The Broken Deck Project is a group show supported by PRO skateboards and snowboards of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It also features the talents of contributing artists from The HFX Tattoo Company, The Black Book Collective, Outsider Insight Galleries, and more, including myself!

Thanks to the generosity of PRO skateboards, artists have been issued otherwise broken skate decks to utilize as their medium for the exhibit. There’s sure to be quite the variety, but here’s some footage of my fungal contribution.

The poster design for the exhibit is also credited to me.

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