Ode to Asavar

12″x 24″ illustration made with mixed media on board mounted somerset and framed with modelling paste and acrylics.
Influenced by the works of Arthur Rackham, Susan Wood, and Ayami Kojima.
featuring a titular poem by me, Wes Fraser.
Dedicated to by deceased 21 year old eel Kul

O’ tiny elver grey and clear
that burrowed ‘neath the painted sand
they gazed at you with abject fear
a tiny heir to tiny lands

But never I to judge your rite
The nature of your living fare
I saw you do your dance at night
the endlers that you spared

Did not you dream of majesty?
Whilst you grew from box to box
A silver serpent of the Sea
to migrate from this gentle loch?

The years went by, you did not age
Of guilt I do attest
Immortal king in your glass cage
I saw you less and less

For now you’ve earned your freedom
and may rest for all your toil
good king you’ve fled your prison
and now left this mortal coil