Snarling Mushroom now on Artstation!

Snarling Mushroom now on Artstation!

I am pleased to announce that I now have a new portfolio platform on!
Artstation is one of -the- go to community websites for all things related to my trade. Be it concept art to illustration, I can now share a space to display my work with some of the best in the business!
Don’t worry though, my website and instagram page are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Artstation is reserved for only some of my most polished recent accomplishments, so instagram will be the one place where you can find all my sketches, processes, and quick life updates. Real behind the scenes stuff!
My website (this one) will still be around to serve as my main foothold; You’ll be able to see my widest range of work in chronological order on my portfolio page. And a history of all my art related adventures since this site’s conception on my Blog page. I still plan on keeping this site updated as I make newer work, and who knows, we may be looking at a dramatic graphical overhall sometime in the future!

Anyway, to check out my Artstation Page, follow this link below, and give me a follow if you can:

And as a reminder, here is my Instagram page:

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