The website has been completed!

Hello everyone and welcome to, my personal portfolio site!
To those who need introducing, my name is Wesley Fraser. I’m an artist and illustrator, born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1990.
Ever since I was a wee lad I’ve had a singular and powerful admiration for the visual arts, be it fine or commercial. Cartoonist, editorial artist,¬†caricaturist, concept artist, book illustrator, these were the dream professions that addled my young mind, while others still struggled with who they wanted to be, I already knew that whatever it was that I would do: it would revolve around my love of drawing. Throughout my youth things like television and video games only fuelled my desire to create, my musings would be documented on paper, and before too long I was designing characters and worlds every waking moment of my life.

This site honours my day dreams in name. Snarling Mushroom was the title¬†of a character I created whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons with my mom during our walks to school. He became so iconic of a character, so nostalgic to my childhood which I still hang on to, that I’ve adopted him as my company mascot.

In 2008 I graduated high school and went to University at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Four years later, I Majored in Fine Art with double minors in Drawing and Illustration.

To this day, my desire to share to the world my day dreams has un-erred.

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