UNSUNG exhibit times. Prints on sale!

UNSUNG exhibit times. Prints on sale!

Unsung: a Hodgepodge of Broken Dreams is currently on display for the public eye.

“It is passing strange that the first solo show I should be in is also a retrospective of sorts.

My work as an illustrator has often intersected between the lines of fine art and commercial intent. Illustration is the process of transcribing ideas, verbal and written descriptions into a visual image. All ideas, for both commercial and personal intent make use of Illustration.

Beyond the scope of personal projects, since I graduated NSCAD in 2012, I have worked with others, mainly writers, on collaborative projects. Sometimes, the collaboration would change, or the project would ultimately be scrapped, but the images would remain.

UNSUNG is a compilation of these orphaned images, which would be left unpublished, unrecognized or unfinished. They are concept art for unsung narratives.

The physical style of my work often fluctuates between analogue drawing and digital painting. A great many of my pieces in this show, in fact, start out as physical sketches, which I later use as reference for painting. Often I will integrate the two without compromising the sketches, so that the line work can still be a prominent feature of the art.

Some of the drawings span as far as five years back, when the initial idea was fresh, and I only recently return to it as a finished piece.”


The show will stay up from August 2nd to the 31st at the Insight gallery.
The gallery is located in Dartmouth at 156 Ochterloney Street.

Insight gallery is open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11-4 pm, so please plan accordingly.
In addition, a closing reception will be held at 4 pm on the 24th of August. So all who are interested are welcome!

High quality art prints of my work are on sale. They are available in the following dimensions and prices:


18×23, Wrath of the Wild poster, $35.oo



18×23, Endless Hoards poster, $35.00




23×18, The Bringers poster, $35.00





23×18, The Girl poster, $35.00





44×18, The City poster, $60.oo




23×18, The Emperor poster, $35.00

the emperor



23×18, The Artificer poster, $35.00

The Artificer



7×5, Night Marcher art card, $5.00




7×5, The Usurped art card, $5.00




7×5, Grave Blossom art card, $5.00




5×7, Thorned Male&Female art card, $5.00




5×7, Kindt art card, $5.00




5×7, Adahl art card, $5.00


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